• SWR Drainage Systems

SWR Drainage Systems

Sewerage and drainage piping systems are used for getting rid of human wastes through a well-arranged and installed network of pipes. They are designed for quick and efficient removal of waste, soil, and in some cases rainwater without leakage. If you are looking for the best drainage pipes in India, JPPL can be of huge help since we bring you a range of PVC drainage pipes that are tough, highly resilient, and durable with impact strength. Since they have a longer lifespan, they are widely used in commercial as well as residential establishments.

Jindal Polytubes Pvt. Ltd. (JPPL) provides quality SWR drainage pipes in Delhi, our products are supplied with an EPDM lip seal ring to make sure that the joints are leak-proof. They are dark grey in colour and are produced in standard 3m length. Our drainage pipes are available in all sizes, ranging from 75mm to 160mm in diameter. You can find the best PVC pipe for drainage that are manufactured in two classes- Type A and Type B adhering to the IS standards.

Our products go through detailed testing to ensure first-class quality. Our plastic drainage pipes are robust and can withstand all the weather conditions. Although they can cater to various purposes, SWR pipes are preferred for drainage due to their availability and versatility. They are easy to install and light in weight and can serve different purposes.

We are one of the leading plastic drainage pipe manufacturers in Haryana that brings you the finest range of sewerage and drainage piping solutions for all effluent needs. Right from household SWR piping systems to double-walled piping for large draining requirements, we offer world-class solutions that cater to the needs of commercial buildings, households, hotels, and other massive projects.

Jindal Polytubes Pvt. Ltd. (JPPL) provides innovative products that adhere to top-notch quality, safety, ergonomics, and standards. You can buy the best PVC drainage pipes in India, our products are manufactured using advanced technology since we hold expertise in the sector of production of PVC products.

For all your SWR drainage and PVC pipe needs, connect with our professionals at JPPL today!